Peace By Beth Sargent

When it comes to photography, it pretty much takes front stage in my life. My Family, Pets and Friends of course come first…. though at times, I bet they wonder.
I am out photographing a lot and I love it. However leaving my home, family and pets to go out on a long day or weekend shoot, can really tug at my heart. I love being out shooting, but after a long day, I can’t wait to get back home to a warm fire and hug my dog.

A recent situation has made me step back and take a look at why it is so important for me to go out shooting. Am I crazy? Am I a bad person? What is it that motivates me to do this when I miss my family and pets. Well the answer came pretty clear to me a few nights ago. Which is no surprise. I knew it all along.
A few days ago, after running errands I was able to go up to a spot near my home and just make a sunset. I immediately felt better. While I was there, it was so clear why I do this. Seeing the sunset in all it’s glory just made my soul happy. For me, photographing nature … whether it is birds, landscapes or sunsets…. is a spiritual experience.
Now that may sound silly to someone who feels being practical is more important. But for me, the feeling is so strong, that I can stretch out my arms and scream out “Thank You”. And I did just that….feeling completely grateful for everything good in my life.

I realized that I need not worry about my love of photography and I can freely feel joy for doing what I love….photographing nature.
I think a situation can be put in my path to help me remember what is really important. Choosing love… To choose the positive in any situation and see the good in all.. In return … life is rich and full of joy.
My photography is what it is today because I choose Love.

A little information about the featured Image of this Article that I titled “Peace”. While taking a coastal sunset in Cayucos, CA, this woman sat down in the surf right in front of me.
What a wonderful photo opportunity.

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